Are you a KYOKUSHIN adept?

Do you want to master all the knowledge,
including the black belt, in the shortest time possible?

If you read this text, then probably YES! Read this till the end, and you will find out how to accelerate your learning progress of all karate Kyokushin techniques, stances, kata and how to increase your strength and flexibility in the shortest time possible. You are able to acquire this knowledge even in a few weeks.

Kyokushin Academy - techniques, kata, stances

Hi, my name is Martin Krolak and like you I’m in love with one of the hardest karate styles - Kyokushin. My Kyokushin journey began almost 20 years ago, when I was a kid. Now, as you can see, I’m the black belt owner, the Kyokushin karate coach and the personal trainer and co-founder of Kyokushin Online Academy.

Back in the past

As a beginner I wanted to learn as much as possible to finally get the black belt. I know how it is when there is not enough time to master your skills before an exam. Especially when there are many adepts and your sensei has no time to mentor every adept individually.

Often, the only solution is to ask more experienced senpai how to perform kata or techniques, but usually there is not enough time before or after training to do so. How much material can be repeated in few minutes and how many times can you ask for help?

So I started to gain new skills by myself, attending karate camps, learning new techniques and kata from the best Kyokushin karate senseis and shihans. It took a lot of time and cost me a lot of money.

Now, I am the black belt owner for a couple of years, and the coach of both advanced and beginner class. I am also a personal trainer. For this reason I decided to share my knowledge with everyone who starts their Kyokushin karate journey, not only to whom I train on a daily basis.

So, if you want to learn what me and my team created and how to master the Kyokushin knowledge in a short time, keep on reading this short article till the end.

What exactly have we created?

Nowadays, even on YouTube you won't find good quality videos with well-explained techniques and kata. There are only some old videos of kata, with no explanations.

And that's why I have got good news for you. Having said all of the above, me and my team decided to create something that will allow you to gain all the knowledge in a shortest time possible. It is a compendium of all techniques, stances and kata and all the theoretical and practical knowledge that every Kyokushin adept must know. All of that is available 24/7, so you can get back to every karate aspects before your next exam and quickly repeat the material.

So, if your goal is to become an elite black belt in one of the toughest karate style - which is Kyokushin, then the Kyokushin Online Academy is definitely for you.

So, what is the Kyokushin Online Academy?

Kyokushin Online Academy is a web-based platform where you will find all the knowledge required for all belt levels, including the black belt.

By joining the Kyokushin Online Academy you will receive an access to videos with detailed explanations of techniques and kata and other training materials that you can return whenever you want. It will be available for you 24/7.

The Kyokushin Online Academy contains several modules and every module is about specific aspect of karate Kyokushin:

Module: Kyokushin karate theory

The first module is about the basic theoretical issues that every beginner has to be familiar with. Here you will learn following:

  1. How Kyokushin karate started and you will get to know Oyama's life story - the founder of this style.
  2. What the Kyokushin emblems are and what they mean.
  3. What the Dojo etiquette is and why karate discipline is so important.
  4. Dojo kun in two languages: English and Japanese.
  5. What the opening and closing ceremony of a training is and why should we do it.
  6. The meaning and origin of the word OSU.
  7. You will learn two ways to tie a belt.
  8. How to properly clench your fist, how to position your wrist to minimize the risk of injury and maximize your impact.

Module: Videos with stances, techniques and kata

In this module there are videos with very detailed explanations of all techniques, stances and kata for each KYU and DAN degree.

So, in our academy there are several sections in each belt level:

  1. Stances
  2. Punches and strikes
  3. Blocks
  4. Kicks
  5. Kata

You'll find a separate video for each technique, stance and kata.

Incorrectly performing basic techniques will affect on other elements such as kata or kumite. Without mastering them you will not be able to properly perform your techniques with great impact during a fight.

If you care about the power and speed of each technique, then the quality of performing them will be more important than their quantity. That's why, in the videos we put great emphasis on the precision and being correct doing each technique and position. Each one of the techniques is shown and discussed in details.

Detailed explanation of every kata, step by step!

Masutatsu Oyama (the founder of Kyokushin karate) used to say: "If you do not know kata, you do not know karate." Kata is the essence of karate, that is the beauty of this martial art and it stands out from the fighting sports.

In Kyokushin Online Academy, you will find videos of all kata that are required for each degree of Kyokushin karate. Each kata is shown in four ways, which you will not find anywhere else:

  1. Detailed description - history, origin, meaning of the name, and information on what skills are trained in the particular kata.
  2. Nogare - tempo without counting.
  3. On Counting - performing the techniques and stances on counting.
  4. Step by step - a detailed explanation of execution of each technique, movement, stance and position and their purpose.

Kata is a great exercise. Well performed kata teaches how to release the force from the hips and legs in order to perform powerful strikes and kicks, that can be used in fight.

Kata teaches not only the techniques or stances, but also it trains your memory and intelligence. All this is thanks to the memorization of new movements by our nervous system.

Kata is not just a sequence of techniques and positions to follow, every move in kata has a deeper meaning that should be understood. Therefore, in our kata videos you will find an explanation of each technique and move. In addition, each kata has faster and slower moments, which is often overlooked by the performers.

Many people do not like to learn and execute kata, but understanding these aspects and introducing them to kata training, can change the approach to this an extremely important element of karate.

Yes !
In Kyokushin Online Academy you will find videos with all techniques and kata from 10th KYU to DAN degrees with step by step and detailed explanations.

List of all videos with kata and techniques

Click the thumbnails below to see free previews of some videos.

Kyokushin Academy Sushiho - step by step Kyokushin Academy Ushiro Mawashi Geri Kyokushin Academy Oroshi Soto Kakato Geri Kyokushin Academy Age Jodan Tsuki

We divided techniques and kata in accordance with international kyu standards, but you have to be aware that in your country there may be some differences.

10th kyu - orange belt

  1. Kata: Kihon kata sono ichi
  2. Kicks: Hiza geri, Kin geri, Mae geri
  3. Strikes/punches: Seiken tsuki, Seiken morote tsuki, Seiken Oi (Gyaku) Tsuki
  4. Blocks: Jodan uke, Kake wake uke, Seiken gedan barai
  5. Stances: Fudo dachi, Uchi hachi ji dachi, Yoi dachi, Zenkutsu dachi

9th kyu - orange belt with blue stripe

  1. Kata: Taikyoku kata sono ichi/ni
  2. Kicks: Mae keage
  3. Strikes/punches: Seiken ago uchi, Seiken mawashi tsuki
  4. Blocks: Seiken chudan soto uke, Seiken uchi uke
  5. Stances: Sanshin dachi, Kokutsu dachi

8th kyu - blue belt

  1. Kata: Kihon kata sono ni, Taikyoku kata sono san
  2. Kicks: Mawashi geri gedan, Yoko keage
  3. Strikes/punches: Jun tsuki, Seiken shita tsuki, Seiken tate tsuki
  4. Blocks: Morote chudan uchi uke, Uchi uke - gedan barai
  5. Stances: Kiba dachi, Shiko dachi

7th kyu - blue belt with yellow stripe

  1. Kata: Pinan kata sono ichi, Sokugi kata sono ichi
  2. Kicks: Haisoku mawashi uchi keage, Taisoku mawashi soto keage, Kansetsu geri, Mawashi geri chudan
  3. Strikes/punches: Tettsui hizo uchi, Tettsui yoko uchi, Tettsui kome kami uchi, Tettsui oroshi ganmen uchi
  4. Blocks: Shuto mawashi uke
  5. Stances: Neko ashi dachi

6th kyu - yellow belt

  1. Kata: Taikyoku kata sono ichi/ni ura, Pinan sono ni, Sokugi sono ni
  2. Kicks: Ushiro geri, Yoko geri chudan
  3. Strikes/punches: Uraken ganmen oroshi uchi, Uraken shomen uchi, Uraken sayu uchi, Uraken mawashi uchi, Uraken hizo uchi, Yonhon nukite, Nihon nukite
  4. Blocks: Seiken juji uke, Osae uke
  5. Stances: Tsuru ashi dachi

5th kyu - yellow belt with green stripe

  1. Kata: Taikyoku sono san ura, Pinan sono san, Sokugi sono san
  2. Kicks: Ushiro geri chudan - 3 ways
  3. Strikes/punches: Shotei uchi
  4. Blocks: Shotei uke
  5. Stances: Moro ashi dachi

4th kyu - green belt

  1. Kata: Pinan kata sono ichi ura, Sanshin kata
  2. Kicks: Yoko geri jodan, Ushiro geri, Mawashi geri jodan
  3. Strikes/punches: Shuto hizo uchi, Shuto ganmen uchi, Shuto sakotsu uchi, Shuto uchi komi
  4. Blocks: Shuto chudan soto uke, Shuto chudan uchi uke, Shuto jodan uke, Shuto gedan barai, Mae mawashi uke
  5. Stances: Heiko dachi, Haisoku dachi, Musubi dachi

3rd kyu - green belt with brown stripe

  1. Kata: Pinan kata sono ni ura, Pinan kata sono yon
  2. Kicks: Mae kakato geri
  3. Strikes/punches: Hiji ate age jodan, Hiji chudan ate, Mae hiji ate, Oroshi hiji ate, Ushiro hiji ate
  4. Blocks: Shuto juji uke
  5. Stances: Kake Dachi

2nd kyu - brown belt

  1. Kata: Gekisai dai, Pinan kata sono go, Pinan kata sono san ura
  2. Kicks: Tobi gyaku mae geri, Tobi nidan geri, Tobi oi mae geri
  3. Strikes/punches: Age jodan tsuki, Haishu uchi, Hiraken mawashi uchi, Hiraken oroshi uchi, Hiraken tsuki
  4. Blocks: Koken uke

1st kyu - brown belt with black stripe

  1. Kata: Pinan kata sono yon ura, Tsuki no kata, Yantsu kata
  2. Kicks: Jodan uchi haisoku geri, Oroshi soto kakato geri, Oroshi uchi kakato geri, Tobi yoko geri
  3. Strikes/punches: Naka yubi ippon ken, Oya yubi ken tsuki, Ryoto ken tsuki
  4. Blocks: Haito uchi uke, Shuto jodan kake uke

1st dan - black belt with gold stripe

  1. Kata: Bassai dai, Geksai sho, Pinan kata sono go ura, Saifa kata, Tekki kata sono ichi, Tensho kata
  2. Kicks: Kake geri, Ushiro mawashi geri
  3. Strikes/punches: Haito uchi, Morote haito uchi
  4. Blocks: Morote kake uke


2nd dan - black belt with two gold stripes

  1. Kata: Kanku dai kata, Seienchin kata, Tekki kata sono ni.

3rd dan - black belt with three gold stripes

  1. Kata: Sushiho kata, Garyu kata, Seipai kata, Tekki kata sono san.

Kumite module

Note: This module will be placed in the academy soon! Work in progress.

Kumite means fight, but it is not only muscle work and performing as many techniques as possible with the hope that one will hit an opponent. Kumite should be mainly mind work!

Kumite is an art of misleading an opponent, surprising him, and finding his weaknesses or mistakes.

Fighting by only performing techniques one after another, without thinking and having tactics, is most likely to fail. A fighter who ends his fight with KO, waits for a right moment during the fight, when the right moment comes, he uses a knokcout technique. If you learn how to perform techniques faster, stronger and more precisely, you will be able to win with stronger and bigger opponents.

In this module, there are videos in which we talk about many different aspects of kumite, such as:

  1. Correct fight stance: how to move, place feet correctly and distribute body weight while taking steps, various types of guard, proper fist clenching, etc.
  2. All the kumite punches and kicks: differences between performing techniques in kihon and kumite. Variants and modifications of techniques to do them faster, stronger and more effectively. Lots of examples.
  3. Blocking and dodging punches and kicks.
  4. Most common mistakes in kumite dachi, kicks, punches, etc.
  5. Over 50 hacks and tricks you can use in a fight to mislead an opponent.

Comfortable panel with videos and content

All videos and other content are uploaded in a very comfortable and intuitive panel, to which you will have online access 24h/7. This panel is also compatible with tablets and smartphones.

The panel has a convenient search engine of techniques and kata, thanks to which you will quickly go to an appropriate video.

Kyokushin Academy - kata, techniques, stances

Who is the Kyokushin Online Academy for?

This course is not only for Kyokushin adepts, but also for others who want to start learning and perfectly performing Kyokushin punches, kicks, blocks and kata.

The Kyokushin Online Academy is for those who are ready to train, and act, and want to take on the challenge and get the black belt in Kyokushin karate.

It is for both beginners and advanced adepts. If you already have a kyu belt, then part of the material will be for you to repeat before your next exams. Passing the black belt exam requires knowledge of the entire material. Many adepts who take a 1 DAN exam do not pass due to basic mistakes.

And who is the Kyokushin Academy not for?

Unfortunately Kyokushin Online Academy is not for those who think that after enrolling and watching the videos have a guaranteed success. Of course, the knowledge contained in these videos will speed up the path to the black belt, but it is only the part of success.

Every technique, stance or punch have to be repeated hundreds of times. If you are not ready for hard and long workouts, then you won’t get good results.

How much does it cost?

If you still reading this, you're probably really interested in the Kyokushin Online Academy.

At the time when we started creating the academy, we decided that it would be the highest quality collection of knowledge about the great martial art of Kyokushin karate.

So you will agree that, it is impossible to record this by using a phone or a cheap camera. For such a big project expensive equipment and software is needed. Moreover, maintaining the internet platform on which the videos are located costs us as a lot of money every month.

Moreover, work on the videos and other materials included in the academy lasted more than a year. We put a lot of effort to create this. As you can see, it is impossible to carry out such a project without financial resources. And this is the only way we can reinvest them in order to further development of the academy.

Unfortunately, this is true that often many people do not appreciate what they get for free or cheap. That's why we want only those to join who are truly decided and determined to train and improve quickly techniques and kata.

Get lifetime access!

So, you are probably wondering how much it costs. Having said all of the above, full access to the Kyokushin Online Academy should cost several hundred dollars. But we know that this price would be too high.

That's why we decided to drop the price to about one-two monthly dojo fees. So that everyone can join and get LIFETIME ACCES to the Kyokushin Online Academy, by ONE-TIME PURCHASE. So, you can get the huge knowledge that will be constantly updating.

So, if you are the person who would like to master all the black belt knowledge in the shortest time possible, and you are truly decided and determined to act right now, join now the Kyokushin Online Academy community. You will receive the access to the full version of the Kyokushin Academy with all future updates.

But keep in mind, that with the development of the academy the price will be growing up, because of maintenance costs and only in this way we will be able to reinvest resources to evolve the academy.

What is more, we will give you a guarantee of satisfaction!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Kyokushin Academy - techniques, kata, stances

If for any reason you will feel that the Kyokushin Online Academy is not for you and you do not want to be a member of our community, then just send us an email within 30 days from the date of purchase, and we will give you back the full amount you paid.

As you can see, joining does not involve any risk.

Enroll now in the Kyokushin Online Academy
and get an elite black belt in karate Kyokushin.


As a member of the Kyokushin Online Academy you will receive full access to the videos with techniques and kata required on exams, explained in detail step by step, and all other training knowledge and future updates.

All videos and other content will be available for you 24/7 and it is organized to make learning as easy as possible:

  1. You will get access to a very comfortable and intuitive panel, which you can use on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. You will get all the theoretical knowledge and everything you need to know about the Kyokushin style.
  3. You will get detailed knowledge of each technique that is required up to 3rd DAN.
  4. You will get videos with detailed explanation of every kata, step by step, that are required for each degree of Kyokushin karate. Each technique and move is explained in details. You will not find any other videos like this, you can find this only in our Kyokushin Online Academy.
  5. You will learn how to properly move in kumite dachi, the most effective techniques and tricks, how to dodge kicks and punches, and you will get exercises to increase strength and speed of techniques.
  6. Moreover, if within 30 days you will decide that the academy is not for you, then we will refund you the whole amount you paid.

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So, see you inside the full Kyokushin Online Academy. OSU!

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Will I get a belt certificate or do you provide online exams?

We do not provide exams and belt certyficates. As a member of our academy you can practise kata and techniques at home, but Kyokushin is the hardest karate style and for this reason you should pass exams in a real dojo in your area or country.

When does the course start?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

You have a guarantee of satisfaction. If within 30 days you will decide that the academy is not for you, then we will refund you the whole amount you paid.

Will you guarantee success?

Every technique, stance or punch have to be repeated hundreds of times. If you are not ready for hard and long workouts, then you won’t get good results.